Sunday, February 3, 2013

Glogster Example

I have been exploring Glogster by creating glogs using  Below is the example I created and here is a link to my example  as well.  I created this glog as a fun way to present two dementional shapes to my math class for our upcoming geometry unit.  I found some engaging videos, definitions, and pictures that I posted on my glog.  Many times students think of polygons as the traditional regular polygons that have equal angles and equal lengths of their sides, but polygons are by definition, "a closed plane figure bounded by straight lines" (, 2013).  The pictures on the bottom of my glog would allow me to show the students the difference between regular and irregular polygons.  I would then allow students to work on their own glog in pairs to find other examples of images of irregular polygons.  The students would need to label the polygons that they include on their glog.  They would be allowed to use the images provided on  Teachers have the option to add more images to the glogster image file.

It is free to sign up for an account, but there are options to upgrade for more features.  Teachers get a free month trial period, that can be activated at the time of your choice.  Below is a screenshot of the pricing and what features are included for Educator Free, Educator Light, and Educator Premium options. 

You can make your glogs public with the Glogster Library or keep them private.  You can share the link for a glog in an email, website, or blog.   I do not like the Glogster Library is only available once you pay a monthly fee.  During the free trial or if a teacher or school decides to upgrade, there are a lot of great glogs that are shared for teachers and students to utilize.

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