Friday, January 25, 2013


What is Glogster?

Glogster is "a unique social network based on the creation and sharing of Glogs - interactive posters loaded with text, graphics, music, videos, and more. Glogster’s goal was to provide an outlet for unlimited creative expression online" (Glogster, 2012).

Glogster seems like it would be a great tool to use in the classroom.  Glogster is a unique website that allows students to create a digital poster.  The content of the poster would be able to show each student's knowledge about a certain topic in any subject area.  The range of topics that Glogster can be used for is unlimited.  Students can create posters through Glogster in elementary school, middle school, college, and beyond.  Students can use Glogster to give a presentation to a class instead of  PowerPoint.

It can also be used as a teaching tool, which would allow a teacher to easily gather videos and pictures in one place to introduce a new topic or introduce vocabulary to the class.  Teachers can use Glogster for lessons or lectures.

I love watching students' creativity shine and this platform allows students the opportunity to their imagination and style to create a digital poster.  Glogster is a useful and user friendly option for both teachers and students to use.

This is a helpful resource of frequently asked questions about Glogster.

The Complete Glogster Educator's User Guide is another resource to help teachers who are getting started with Glogster.


  1. I remember setting up an account and creating a Glog that was cross curricular in one of our earliest classes together. It was pretty easy to use and allowed for bells and whistles to be used while still exploring the depth of a subject. I eventually used the one I created in class late last year and I think it made the connections in a captive way for students.

  2. I use glogster for my kids to have an electronic option when creating collages or posters for class projects. Some students do really well with them, but others don't really have the "layout" techniques down for it to look right. Also, some of our school computers don't have the Adobe plug necessary for it to work. Love the site though!

    1. A large number of Web 2.0 tools require the Flash Player. Without it loaded, it will be difficult to do a lot of things.

  3. I think Glogster has the potential to show what a student really understands about a concept. I think it is important to have specific requirement included in the Glogster to ensure that all students produce work that reflects concept attainment. Also, I like that Glogster allows for students to be creative and innovative even if they are not artistically talented.