Friday, January 25, 2013

Little Bird Tales Example

Since my class is currently working on creating how-to books, I created my digital book using Little Bird Tales in the same how-to format, while using transition words.  This could be an activity that my students next year create digitally instead of on paper.  This way the students could also practice their fluency while they record their step by step directions into the program.  As I listed previously, there are many ways that my students could use this web 2.0 tool this year as well.

Here is my example:
How To Build A Snowman

Every author has the option of sharing their story publicly, emailing their story to someone, saving it as a PDF or posting the link on a website. Here are a few other cute examples that were shared on the website under 'Public Tales':

We Can Add Doubles      This is a cute digital book that the teacher created by uploading digital images of student drawings that go along with adding rhymes that the students created.

How Can We Get The Rainbow      This example shows that this tool is so user friendly even first grade students can use create digital stories successfully.

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  1. Hey Jess, this is a really cool site! I loved your How-To example, we do those in first grade too and I could see my students loving this site to help them publish their stories. I know the technology teachers at my school are always asking how they can help support us in the classroom and they really enjoy helping the students create their final copies! I should share this site with them!
    This could also be an interesting way to address the telecollaborative projects, where students create stories to share for a common theme or topic.